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Featured Flea Artist: Andy Harris & D'arcy Savage

Sausage Party was born out of the desire for a low maintenance friendship. D'arcy Savage and Andy Harris only hang out when they are vending at some type of market. They share a table, a brown paper bag full of cheap beer, and a lot of laughs. Then they don't see each other until the next event. It's the Algonquin Round Table for Dummies.

Both Savage and Harris focus on paper arts - screenprinted posters and prints, zines, buttons, and collage are the bulk of their output. Savage's highlight piece are her original works printed onto a skateboard. You can hang it up on the wall or take it for a ride!

Harris started the Alabama Zine Library and designs all the merch for his band, The Old Paints. Savage currently survives by printing daily at Yellowhammer Creative.

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