Featured Flea Artist: Jaysen Michael

September 6, 2016

 Meet Jaysen,  all these wonderful photos on this website were taken by him.  He has truely captured the Punk Rock Flea market... and everything else going on in Birmingham.  Below is a short interview, but be sure to check out his photos on facebook,  pictures are worth a thousand words!  www.facebook.com/jaysenmichael

Above photo taken by: Rhys neiman Baylor


How would you explain yourself  in three adjectives? 


Elliptical, imperturbable, luminous

What are you currently listening to?
She Wants Revenge



Philip Warner/Lithium Picnic, Jaime Ibarra, Annie Leibovitz



How long have you been a photographer?

8 years


What sort of work do you specialize in?

Portraiture and event


What got you started with photography?

I wanted to take photos of my cats. And here i am many years later, still doing it.


What camera do you shoot with?


How important is photoshop?

I couldn’t achieve the quality and consistency of my photos without it.


What was your most memorable assignment and why?

Shooting one of my favorite metal bands growing up and having one of the photos featured on their new album.


Do you have a favorite photographer?  And who is it?

Jaime Ibarra. Big influence on my work. .


If you could photograph anyone/anything what/who would it be?
I’m fortunate that the amazing people of birmingham lets me document their lives and their fun in this city, so i already get to shoot who i want to shoot.

What do you do in your SPARE time?
Edit ALL the photos. Visit my favorite record store, Seasick. Take more photos.





Here are some of Jaysens Favorite shots!
Find more of his work on Facebook :  www.facebook.com/jaysenmichael




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