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Meet Me and My Knife

Me and My Knife Band Members: Justin, Tim and John How would you explain your band in three adjectives? (feel free to get weird and creative)

Loud, fast, tight.-Tim What are yall currently listening to?

JOHN: I’m all over the place. Stuff getting the heaviest play at my house right now: lots of Norma Tanega, that new SURVIVE record, High on Fire, Caves, All Dogs, the newest Dinosaur Jr., basically a whole bunch of stuff that sounds nothing like MAMK!

TIM: I’m all over the place, too. Got to see Santigold in Atlanta last week and she’s been sitting atop playlist throne for the past week. A month or two ago I discovered a now defunct (I think?) band outta Melbourne, Australia called the Hawaiian Islands. I listen to them a lot. But over the last few months I’ve listened to a lot of Birdcloud, Diet Cig, Shallow Cuts, Julien Baker, and Little Bags. The new Lydia Loveless is predictably rad, too.

JUSTIN: It's been Giorgio Murderer/Buck Biloxi and the Fucks this week. It's a buddy from NOLA that does em both. That Angry Angles record (Jay Reatard project from around same time he did “Blood Visions”). Icons/Influence? For this band?

JOHN: Justin and I share a profound love for the last two Scared of Chaka records. Those are really the spark at the core of MAMK. Others would be Supercharger, Teengenerate...Buzzcocks, Bikini Kill? JUSTIN: It was kind of a neat thing to stand back and notice the Scared of Chaka resemblance because I love those albums, but when we started I was just thinking some simple 3 piece thing. Cheap Time, Billy Childish stuff, The Saints, Teengenerate. . Just basic stuff. 3piece is a blast too ‘cause you fit in small places and those are good to play.

What is the most bizarre thing that has happened while yall were on stage?

JOHN: Justin making it through more than three songs without breaking a string or stopping the entire show to tune his guitar. JUSTIN: Our sets aren't long enough for bizarre stuff to happen. If we play more than 5 or 6 songs, there could be possible weirdness but we try to get on and off before shit “hits the fan” lol!

TIM: Have we ever played on a stage?

Any shows coming up soon?

JOHN: I have no idea.


JUSTIN: We've got one in Nov I think that Tino hooked up at Firehouse. Facebook will tell us.

What is the band working on right now?

JOHN: Just not sucking at the Punk Rock Flea Market. One of these days we’ll record some stuff. I think we have an album’s worth of material at this point.

TIM: We definitely have enough for a solid EP and are pretty close to having an album if we can figure out a couple of songs we’ve been sleeping on.

What do y'all do in your SPARE time? JOHN: Play in this band? We’re all old with jobs and families and stuff.

TIM: We all three have more than full time jobs. I actually have a part time job on top of the full time job. We probably cancel band practice more than we actually have it. JUSTIN: I own a small business and play in Nowhere Squares too, so, I spend my spare time looking for spare time. Outside of that I obsess and worry about shit. What is your all-time favorite album? JOHN: Impossible for me to answer personally, but if MAMK could collectively take a single human form their favorite record would easily be Scared of Chaka’s ‘Crossing with Switchblades’ Holy shit, I just now realized that we probably subconsciously took our band name from that album title.

TIM: Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen is usually my go to answer for this. It turned 23 this month and is still and enjoyable listen all the way through.

If you want to listen and check out this band, you have to come to the Flea Market... Because they have no links to bandcamp or what not. So you best make it, to see this killer show!

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