February 19, 2018

The community constantly works together to make great things happen around town.  Without the support of others it would be almost impossible to do anything in Birmingham! Here are the sponsors that help bring the Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market to life.


Birmingham Oddities:

Birmingham Oddities is the best shop in Birmingham to find bizarre gifts and collectibles. It is a gallery of Oddities of all kinds. "Specimens range from Tribal Human Trophy Skulls, to hand made Voodoo dolls."

Birmingham Oddities is also a huge supporter of local arts.  They host/sponsor events around Birmingham showcasing amazing pieces from locals around town.  Very lucky to have Birmingham Oddities as a sponsor for the Flea Market!

Birmingham Oddities is located in downtown Birmingham:

2300 1st Ave N, Ste 101

Birmingham, AL 35205

The store is open just one day a week, so be sure to go on Saturday 10am-4pm!  You will most definitely find them selling at the next Punk...

June 12, 2017

"You're Alive, Get Stoked About It!"

"These are the words that our friend Cory Seals left us with just a few days before his passing in 2015. The guy was a rockstar! To honor his life, we are throwing the 3rd annual GET STOKED music and arts festival on his birthday weekend. LET'S GIVE BACK! We will be donating a portion of the $10 door to Girl's Rock Bham." -Trim Tab Brewing Company

There will be pop up shops during the event (participants of the Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market) each vendor will have a raffle item. The raffle tickets will be $2 and will benefit Girl's Rock Bham!

Girls Rock Birmingham Camp is a week-long program serving girls ages 9-16 in the Birmingham areas. During the week, campers learn an instrument, form a band and write a song which they perform at a the Friday evening showcase. In addition, the girls will participate in workshops centered around empowerment and creativity such as, Songwriting, Dj-ing, Image & Identity, Zine-Making, Screen Printing, Design an...

June 2, 2017

Birmingham, AL has a great new addition. MANITOU SUPPLY CO.

The store has a great collection of vintage clothing to housewares. Be sure to stop by shop! Support Local! 

4909 5th ave s
Birmingham, Alabama, AL 35222

-When did you/y'all acquire your taste for vintage fashion and how?

D: I grew up going to thrift stores and wearing my dad's t-shirts from the 70's. Thin and worn out tees are the best!

L: I started wearing vintage clothes around the 2000's when modern sizes started being smaller and smaller. It was much easier and fun to find and fix cool vintage stuff rather than spending tones of money on something that wouldn't fit quite right anyway.

- As far as fashion goes, what's your favorite decade and why

D: 90's for sure. I was a teenager in the 90's, so it's cool to see brands and styles coming back into fashion 20 years later.

ie: hobie, guess, jordache, ocean pacific...

L: I love 80's fashion (and music!). High waist jeans, cool geometric patterns and pastel colors on one side, da...

February 6, 2017

The constant goal behind every Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market is to bring the community together, through art, and through music. And now, FOOD!  Birmingham has incredable food! Check out these food vendors that will be at the event!  Looking forward to it!

March 19th noon-4! ALL AGES, FREE EVENT, @ The Market By The Tracks!

Hero Doughnuts:
Locally sourced. Courageously crafted. Brioche-style doughnuts made fresh daily for hunger, for happy. Hero Doughnuts are coming by not only to provide Delicious BEAUTIFUL doughnuts, but they will also be bringing COFFEE! So don't worry yall, you can get that much needed coffee after a long Saturday night at the Punk Rock Flea Market. Check out thier schedule below! They do pop ups all areound Birmingham.

Cantina on Wheels
Ready to eat some delicious tacos!  I know I am.  For full menu be sure to check out Cantinas website!  On the home page you can see there schedule around town!

October 13, 2016

Ono Ice is a mobile shave ice stand serving handmade, naturally-flavored shave ice. Our ice is shaved on a manually operated block ice shaver that produces a very fine textured ice similar to that found in Hawaii. Our flavors are handmade with all natural, fresh ingredients. We do not use artificial colors or flavors. The name Ono Ice was inspired by the word "ono" which means “delicious” in Hawaiian! Ono Ice sets up at different locations in the Birmingham area and is available for parties, birthdays, weddings and events. Like us to find out where we'll be next! 

How it all began:  Growing up in Birmingham, my favorite time of year was always summer and one of my favorite summertime activities was a trip to the shave ice stand. There was just something special about that sweet, icy treat that emodied the feeling of summer to me.In my early twenties I moved away from Birmingham to see what the rest of the world had to offer. For the next 12 years lived in other, bigger cities and...

October 12, 2016

Me and My Knife

Band Members: Justin, Tim and John

How would you explain your band in three adjectives? (feel free to get weird and creative)

Loud, fast, tight.-Tim

What are yall currently listening to?

JOHN: I’m all over the place. Stuff getting the heaviest play at my house right now: lots of Norma Tanega, that new SURVIVE record, High on Fire, Caves, All Dogs, the newest Dinosaur Jr., basically a whole bunch of stuff that sounds nothing like MAMK!  

TIM: I’m all over the place, too.  Got to see Santigold in Atlanta last week and she’s been sitting atop playlist throne for the past week. A month or two ago I discovered a now defunct (I think?) band outta Melbourne, Australia called the Hawaiian Islands. I listen to them a lot. But over the last few months I’ve listened to a lot of  Birdcloud, Diet Cig, Shallow Cuts, Julien Baker, and Little Bags. The new Lydia Loveless is predictably rad, too.

JUSTIN: It's been Giorgio Murderer/Buck Biloxi and the Fucks this week. It's a budd...

October 12, 2016

The band’s name, pronounced zee-no-sign, references the feeling that time keeps going faster. Formed in Fall 2015, this fXmmX fronted Birminghamian two-piece churns a heavy vibe that layers shoegaze timbers, with some songs having synthesizer or sampler bases in lieu of guitar. They’ve been described as “droney post punk” and “for fans of: getting lost in your head and coming out on top.”

Band Members:

Anna Thomical and Walker Yacney

How would you explain your band in three adjectives? 

Anna: lofty, experimental, spooky

Walker: musical, human

What are yall currently listening to?

Anna: At this very moment, Bauhaus, but it greatly varies-- lately G.L.O.S.S. have been helping wake me up on my early morning drive to work, and True Widow’s new Avvolgere has also been in regular rotation. Tim Hecker is one of my autumnal go-tos.

Walker: crickets


Walker: Elvis, Daft Punk, Melvins

Anna: Boards of Canada, Autechre, Slowdive, Portishead, and many many more

What is the most bizarre...

October 7, 2016

Nowhere Squares

This interview was done by Paul the singer Of Birminghams own Nowhere Squares

Band Members: Paul (singer), Justin (guitar), Spencer (drums), Andy (bass) & Jennifer (keyboards)

How would you explain your band in three adjectives? 

Explosive, geeky, raucous

What are y'all currently listening to?

old Blues, early Wolf Parade, Carseat Headrest, Klara Lewis, Kraftwerk, lots of Bebop & Swing ( old Jazz), Harry Potter audiobooks!


Ian Curtis School of Dance, early Who & Kinks, Wire, B-52s, Bikini Kill, Billy Childish, Violent Femmes, The Smiths, high school in general

What is the most bizarre thing that has happened while y'all were on stage?

A very drunk frat guy jumped on stage to be part of "the action" & remained for 2 songs until he attacked Andy (who defended himself with his bass!) and was kicked out of the club. When he was gone, we realized the dude had also smashed our vintage wooden tambourine to smithereens!

Any shows coming up soon?

November 1...

October 6, 2016

our goal at Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham is to inspire people to see themselves & others in a new way. We want to create a safe place where you can get support, tools, and education pertaining to Body Image and Self Esteem. We are creating a Body Positive community where people can be themselves and be celebrated for that. This is a place where you will find real content and support all coming from our peers. This is a judge free zone. We want to include, invite, and inspire the people of Birmingham to join us on this Body Positive Journey. We will support one another so we can inspire our children and future generations to love and accept themselves fully. Come change the world with us! 

What is Body Positivity?“Body Positivity is a radical redefinition and reclamation of the body. It arose in response to a Western culture that recognizes only white, able-bodied, heterosexual, and thin bodies as ‘worthy’ and ‘beautiful’.” -Caitlin of The Ellipses Project Why is body positivity...

October 4, 2016

Bici Coop is a community bicycle cooperative formed in 2009 dedicated to promoting cycling and the bicycle community.

"We are engaged in a number of projects, including several youth programs,but the most significant ones for this audience is our open shop at MAKEbhm and our mobile bike shop.

The shop is open to all people. We help people build bikes using our inventory of frames, wheels, and every other part you need, or work on ones they already have. We don't do the work for you, but have mechanics work with people to teach them how to work on bikes. The mobile shop serves a similar function at events around town."

Located at MAKEbhm - 

4000 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222. S

Monday 6pm- 8pm
Thursday 6pm-8pm

Sundays 2pm-4pm

For more information check out their facebook page:

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