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Meet Luciana & David of Manitou Supply Co.

Birmingham, AL has a great new addition. MANITOU SUPPLY CO. The store has a great collection of vintage clothing to housewares. Be sure to stop by shop! Support Local! 4909 5th ave s Birmingham, Alabama, AL 35222 -When did you/y'all acquire your taste for vintage fashion and how?

D: I grew up going to thrift stores and wearing my dad's t-shirts from the 70's. Thin and worn out tees are the best!

L: I started wearing vintage clothes around the 2000's when modern sizes started being smaller and smaller. It was much easier and fun to find and fix cool vintage stuff rather than spending tones of money on something that wouldn't fit quite right anyway.

- As far as fashion goes, what's your favorite decade and why

D: 90's for sure. I was a teenager in the 90's, so it's cool to see brands and styles coming back into fashion 20 years later.

ie: hobie, guess, jordache, ocean pacific...

L: I love 80's fashion (and music!). High waist jeans, cool geometric patterns and pastel colors on one side, dark new wave style on the other.

- At the store/online how far back does the clothing date to?

We have garments from the 60's to the 90's. We are not opposed to selling older apparel, but most of those don't really match our aesthetic.

- You started the business on etsy and now have over 2,000 sales! When did you open your etsy account and when did you decide to take shop to a storefront?

D: I started the Etsy shop back in 2009 when Etsy was fairly new. It was a part-time thing for a long time until Luciana got involved.

L: I started working with David right when I got to Birmingham and helped him restart his Etsy shop after he took some time off from it. About 1500 of those 2000 sales happened in the last 2 years.

Having a storefront for Manitou has been a dream since the beginning.

Why is it important to shop local?

Because without local shops there would be no culture in our community.

We love Birmingham and want to share our passion with everyone here.

David was born and grew up here in Birmingham. Aside of playing in more local bands than he can count on his hands, he studied sculpture and drawing at UAB. Luciana was born in Switzerland with Uruguayan nationality, where she lived from 1996 until 2014. She I met on OK Cupid in 2014. After talking for 6 months she came to visit and the rest is history.


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