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Ono Ice Is serving sweet treats Sunday at the Flea!

Ono Ice is a mobile shave ice stand serving handmade, naturally-flavored shave ice. Our ice is shaved on a manually operated block ice shaver that produces a very fine textured ice similar to that found in Hawaii. Our flavors are handmade with all natural, fresh ingredients. We do not use artificial colors or flavors. The name Ono Ice was inspired by the word "ono" which means “delicious” in Hawaiian! Ono Ice sets up at different locations in the Birmingham area and is available for parties, birthdays, weddings and events. Like us to find out where we'll be next! How it all began: Growing up in Birmingham, my favorite time of year was always summer and one of my favorite summertime activities was a trip to the shave ice stand. There was just something special about that sweet, icy treat that emodied the feeling of summer to me.In my early twenties I moved away from Birmingham to see what the rest of the world had to offer. For the next 12 years lived in other, bigger cities and traveled to other countries but eventually I returned to my hometown. I quickly began to see that Birmingham had developed into a vibrant creative community and was on the verge of a major renaissance, and I wanted to be part of it.I think I've always known I wanted to start my own business and when I moved home to Alabama I started thinking about what that business might be. I have worked in many facets of the food service industry over the past 20 years so naturally I gravitated towards something food-related. Eventually my fascination with Hawaiian Shave Ice and love for all things vintage came together and it finally hit me! I thought it would be fun to sell shave ice out of a really cool vintage truck! But not just any shave ice...I wanted to try my hand at making my own syrups from fresh, natural ingredients and use unique flavor pairings. No artificial flavors or colors. I was inspired by culinary trends of using local, and all natural ingredients, and shave ice desserts from other cultures. Shave Ice, as I learned, has existed in other countries and cultures for centuries and that made it even more interesting to me. Follow Ono Ice on the facebook to keep up with where they will be! And be sure to support local businesses. Without them, what would Birmingham be? !! Be sure to stop by Saturn on Sunday the 23rd of October to get your sweet treat!

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