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Nowhere Squares Playing Birmingham Punk ROCK flea Market!

Nowhere Squares This interview was done by Paul the singer Of Birminghams own Nowhere Squares

Band Members: Paul (singer), Justin (guitar), Spencer (drums), Andy (bass) & Jennifer (keyboards)

How would you explain your band in three adjectives?

Explosive, geeky, raucous

What are y'all currently listening to?

old Blues, early Wolf Parade, Carseat Headrest, Klara Lewis, Kraftwerk, lots of Bebop & Swing ( old Jazz), Harry Potter audiobooks!


Ian Curtis School of Dance, early Who & Kinks, Wire, B-52s, Bikini Kill, Billy Childish, Violent Femmes, The Smiths, high school in general

What is the most bizarre thing that has happened while y'all were on stage?

A very drunk frat guy jumped on stage to be part of "the action" & remained for 2 songs until he attacked Andy (who defended himself with his bass!) and was kicked out of the club. When he was gone, we realized the dude had also smashed our vintage wooden tambourine to smithereens!

Any shows coming up soon?

November 18th - Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham

November 19th - Egan's in Tuscaloosa

What is the band working on right now?

A full length album titled "The Cavemen We Become" It should be released on vinyl early next year on Step Pepper Records

What do y'all do in your SPARE time?

Spare time?! What's that?!

What is your all-time favorite album?

Self-titled by Scared Of Chaka & Black, Brown & Beige by Duke Ellington

Last words?

If you're going to make a fool of yourself, make a total & complete fool of yourself!

To find nowhere squares on the interwebs:

We are all coworkers at an undisclosed business and this band started after hours in the company basement as a form of 'recreational therapy'. The music can be described as frantic self-help music for the embarrassed nerd in us all.

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