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Check Out Our Awesome Sponsors!

The community constantly works together to make great things happen around town. Without the support of others it would be almost impossible to do anything in Birmingham! Here are the sponsors that help bring the Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market to life.

Birmingham Oddities:

Birmingham Oddities is the best shop in Birmingham to find bizarre gifts and collectibles. It is a gallery of Oddities of all kinds. "Specimens range from Tribal Human Trophy Skulls, to hand made Voodoo dolls."

Birmingham Oddities is also a huge supporter of local arts. They host/sponsor events around Birmingham showcasing amazing pieces from locals around town. Very lucky to have Birmingham Oddities as a sponsor for the Flea Market!

Birmingham Oddities is located in downtown Birmingham:

2300 1st Ave N, Ste 101

Birmingham, AL 35205

The store is open just one day a week, so be sure to go on Saturday 10am-4pm! You will most definitely find them selling at the next Punk Rock Flea Market!

#shoplocal. Be sure to follow the shop on Facebook, they have some great giveaways!

Left Hand Soap Company:

Left Hand Soap Company has been the biggest supporter of the Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market (since the very beginning!)

Left hand soap company makes organic handmade soaps pure enough to wash away all your sins. All products are made with local growers to bring you natural, effective skincare. Soapys skincare products range form the best beard oils to perfect tattoo balms.

They recently opened up a new store front in Tuscaloosa (2214 University Blvd)! Be sure to visit if you are in the area. #supportlocal

"Gentle enough for sensitive skin, strong enough to clean off the dirtiest of adventures. You got skin, we got soap."

Find them online:

Want to learn more about Alabama's Left Hand Soap Company? Check out this awesome video by This is Alabama

Barbara Jean Sound Machine:

Barbara Jean Sound Machine is booking agency that took off last year. The founder Lauren Polly works with great touring talents and local artists to provide some of the most killer shows in town. Thanks to the agency, Faux Ferocious will be taking the trim tab stage on April 22nd.

"If you've attended a show recently at The Syndicate Lounge, chances are it was organized by Lauren Polly of Barbara Jean Sound Machine. Following her passion for music, Polly first began booking shows at The Syndicate Lounge. Eventually she grew her business into Barbara Jean Sound Machine, her full-service booking and promoting agency named after her grandmother. Now, she books shows for multiple venues around town including Syndicate Lounge, DISCO, Firehouse, Trim Tab, Seasick Records and more." -Julia Sayers (

Be sure to follow Barbara Jean Sound Machine on facebook to keep up with future events: CLICK HERE

Welcome to Monotonia:

Did you know that Birmingham Alabama has an UNDERGROUND LIVE MUSIC SERIES? Welcome to Monotonia is a Birmingham web series designed to expose the pure raw talent of local/traveling artist and musicians.

"Birmingham Alabama is bursting at the seams with incredible talent, from an amazing visual arts community to some of the best music that comes out of the Southeastern region. We have all the talent but not a whole lot of resources to find out about it."

Below is one of the many videos produced by Welcome to Monotonia. Showcasing two new singles by The Old Paints! (playing at the Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market April 22nd)

Check out more videos at :

Special Thanks To: Milo Beloved and Trim Tab Brewing Company for letting us take over the brewery!

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