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Bici Coop @ The PRFM Birmingham!

Bici Coop is a community bicycle cooperative formed in 2009 dedicated to promoting cycling and the bicycle community.

"We are engaged in a number of projects, including several youth programs,but the most significant ones for this audience is our open shop at MAKEbhm and our mobile bike shop.

The shop is open to all people. We help people build bikes using our inventory of frames, wheels, and every other part you need, or work on ones they already have. We don't do the work for you, but have mechanics work with people to teach them how to work on bikes. The mobile shop serves a similar function at events around town."

Located at MAKEbhm -

4000 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222. S

Hours: Monday 6pm- 8pm Thursday 6pm-8pm

Sundays 2pm-4pm

For more information check out their facebook page:

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