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Electric Sheep down for the Punk Rock Flea!

Just confirmed! The power duo Electric Sheep will be playing PRFM#2. If you have not seen this band yet, you are in for a treat. They are a full bodied two-piece band that know how to get an audience moving.

Facebook: ​Doom-wop

"The fact that they pull pre-war sounds makes them sheep to sounds that have been made before. And then they electrify them to become electric sheep." -Lucy "Electric Sheep is not only a good band because they exude a strong influence from bands like Blues Traveler and Powerman 5000, but they also make the listener understand that love is what brings us together. Peace and love Electric Sheep. Whale killerz." -Kuon "I love the Sheep!! :)" -Velocicopter Beuaregard "I heard all the songs are written by a light bulb" -Stuart Charles "We're professionals." -Rolfe

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