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Our Sponsor- Left Hand Soap Company Makes PUNK ROCK FLEA SOAP!

Whats it made of? Tea Tree, Rosemary and Coriander with Charcoal. And it smells great! So treat yourself, to this wonderful bar of soap handmade, in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Tuscaloosa, Alabama's own Left Hand Soap Company with 15 years of natural soap and skincare service. You got skin, we got soap.Washing Away Last Night's Sins since 1999.

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Find us on Amazon: search Left Hand Soap

Find us in Tuscaloosa, AL:Black Warrior Brewing Co.Corks & TopsDruid City Brewing Co.Epiphany Cafe - Farm to TableGentleman's GroomingGrace Aberdean Habitat AlchemyKentuck Art MuseumLoosa BrewsManna Grocery & DeliMiss Emily's TomatoesYoga BlissFind us in Birmingham, AL:Alabama GoodsGood People Brewing Co.Seasick RecordsFind us in South Alabama:AA Farm CreameryFind us in New Orleans:Southern Letterpress

Interested in a Wholesale Account? Email Soapy Jones at

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