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READY to support local bands and have a fun time? Check out this line-up! >>>Bystander<<< 12:00pm-1:00pm

The name is fitting. A Bystander show is a kiss on the cheek from a cute stranger. Unwarranted but not unwanted. Go see them and spend the rest of your day wondering, "What if?". Punk AF tunes for the restless and bored waiting to fall in love for the first time


>>>Electric Sheep<<< 1:30pm-2:30pm

Electric Sheep!! Drum and bass duo. Old friends Rolfe Briney and David Maclay. A driving, fuzzed-out, Alabamian psychedelic mess. Surf-sludge? Maybe doom-wop? Miscreant lyrics and sweat and laughter. A patchwork of rock'n'roll of all shapes and sizes. Facebook:


>>>King Magnum<<< 3:00pm-4:00pm

Founded in 2015, King Magnum is the manic musical creation of Andrew Laningham. Joined by the thundering bass of Ahmad Farzad, booming drums of Ryan Colebeck, and crunching riffs of Jake Wittig, Laningham and King Magnum create and catchy and frenzied mix of garage and psych rock.Guitars squeal. Vocal chords crack. Bass Roars. Drums Destroy. Wittig’s and Laningham’s fuzzed out guitars create jagged walls of sound. Colebeck’s drums are on a mission to annihilate anything in their path. Farzad’s bass rumbles the foundation of any stage that King Magnum plays on. Laningham’s vocals seer through PA speakers, cutting through the sonic chaos. On their debut EP NO BUENO, King Magnum is intent on burning through stereos in the best way possible.Known for their chaotic shows and primal stage energy, seeing a King Magnum show is like watching a car crash directed by David Lynch. It’s like going to prom with Iggy Pop as your chaperone. It’s like strapping yourself to an electric chair and going cliff diving.“It is very rare that we find these in the work of a garage band, love affairs are like that. We take the imperfections of others and turn them into virtues and that is where we find pleasure in the feelings and it is what turns it into something organic and sincere, it is the same way we find the beginning of love in the garage bands of the late 60's which had their start in California and Seattle, projects comprised by a group of friends just getting together to have fun and pass the time... Just like the start of many puppy loves.” -SummerVerano


>>>GT<<< 4:00pm-5:00pm

\\GT// are Birmingham power trio given to insistent but agile rhythms and psychedelic interpretations of standard rock muscle. Spurred by the enthusiasm of Alabama label and recording studio Communicating Vessels, who signed on to produce and release the band's debut LP, the trio doubled down to make their best work yet—the thrilling, anthemic, addictive eight-song debut, Beats Misplaced - a rock 'n' roll thrill ride, full of pumping beats and plangent guitars, howled vocals and hooks that past. Front man and lead guitarist Scotty Lee had tinkered with various incarnations of "GT," the unifying acronym of his one-man arts-and-music project alternately known as Green Teeth, Get Tryin' and Ghost Traveler. He's been playing in bands since high school, from early cover acts and sets of instrumental brooders to post-hardcore crews and straight-ahead rock acts. But \\GT// was a chance for him to separate himself from the frustrations of band life and start an outlet that would be forever his. With Byron Sonnier on bass and Mark Beasley on drums, both respected veterans of the music community themselves, Beats Misplaced represents the fulfillment of self-determination and the start of a great new rock band from the depths of the South. Think Japandroids or No Age being born in and embracing the humid and strange American South, and you start to hear \\GT// through the haze.

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