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Featured Flea Artists: Bruce Caulde and Jennie Cole

Bruce Caulde and Jennie Cole are both Birmingham residents who were inspired by the timeless industrial charm of the city. Bruce is a self taught clock maker, who has a degree in electronics. His love of industrial and clock work inspires each of his hand crafted works. All of his scrap pieces inspired Jennie to create various pieces of jewelry. This idea evolved into using vintage jewelry, old pieces of clocks, and other odds and ends to create beautiful up-cycled jewelry. The pair work together frequently on new ideas, every show they will have something new and wonderful to show. There greatest achievement as of late is representing Birmingham in the best Steampunk convention in the US, they were chosen from steampunk creators from all over the world to sell their wares. With this big step forwards, and all the support from our clients at local markets, they hope to have a brick and mortar store coming with in the next few years.

Below is some pictures of their work!

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